Day 90

Today was my second and final zero in Duncannon, PA.

I rested a lot of the day and consumed high calorie food and drink. I did not over do it, but I bet I ate more calories today than any previous 4 days combined over the last two weeks.

The doctor called this afternoon and said my blood sample results are good, no problems. The other sample will take a few more days to run. It will be interesting to see how long full recovery takes.

I also got my food supplies ready for the next leg of the trip. I obtained new water bottles and filter just as an extra level of precaution. Will filter all future water from the backcountry.

Going to bed tonight and I will be back home on the trail tomorrow morning, which makes me very pleased.

3 thoughts on “Day 90

  1. Very glad you took another day and were able to eat, good news your blood was good, hope it doesn’t take long to get back to your self. Rest well


  2. “ back home on the trail “ sounds to me like you’ve settled in, happy you are feeling better, and eating.
    Now you can get back to some serious hiking and taking those wonderful photos.


  3. Life’s all about shits and giggles but it’s not fun to shit when you giggle! Filter on, no shortcuts. Squeaky cheeks leads to the Rose syndrome…Depends. Enjoy your time brother – one step at a time!

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