Day 91

I got back on the trail today. I camped a little north of the Rausch Gap Shelter along a creek.

Early start and a slow pace all day. Early on I met two female day hikers at an overlook.

At lunch time I came across a guy doing Trail Magic just as he was getting ready to leave. I got some watermelon and cold beer.

Towards the end of the day, I met Page who is a Ridge Runner. Ridge Runners are employed to hike sections of the trail and to know what is going on in the area. I do not see them a lot, but they are around.

7 thoughts on “Day 91

  1. Am I right that you did 29.5 miles today, you must be feeling a little better, so thankful. I do believe you will be in the hundreds and leaving the thousands today. What a great milestone, keep enjoying before the boulders get you on all fours.


    1. The weak feeling is coming and going.


  2. Watermelon and cold beer for lunch, delivered to you on the trail… sounds pretty sweet to me! Enjoy!


  3. Hey how are the mosquitioes? All that rain warm temps.?.? Are they Isle Royale quality? ….. See any south bounders yet…. Stay strong


    1. The bugs are not yet horrific. But I did put bug spray on for the first time yesterday. The skeeters, gnats and biting flies are out.


  4. Happy you are recovering enough to hit the trail again!


    1. Hit the trail today and made it where I was going. Thank you Mary!


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