Day 92

I slept really good last night along the creek. A nice cool breeze got going during the night.

Got all packed up by 6 a.m. and on the trail. A few minutes later a few sprinkles fell from the sky, just minor though. In my first ten minutes of hiking I saw the top half of a big tree just snap and fall. It would have made great video.

Not long after the snapped tree, I come to a flooded out low spot thanks to the work of the local beaver. I spent 15 minutes trying to find a way through without soaking my dry shoes and socks. Turns out, I got soaked. I thought about takes shoes off, but given the area did not think that was the safest option.

Crossed another new pipeline being built. I refer to these areas as scars. You can usually survive a single papercut, but how many papercuts before you do not. Surviving is also very different than thriving. Moving on…

Maybe a quarter of the trail looked like this today or a little less rocky.

Then other parts of the trail looked like this.

I made it to Pine Grove, PA today. I hear the rocks on the trail are going to get worse or better (if you love rock) pretty soon, just not exactly sure when. So my mileage will have to drop some, maybe until I am out of PA. I hear horror stories, but not sure what is true. Eye of the beholder?

I got the miles in today, would not say I am 100 percent by any means, but no complaints, we all have issues to work with or overcome.

Went out to eat today and had a nice conversation with another hiker named Fox. We talked life on the trail, missing loved ones back home and how the support means everything, positive moments and challenges and how we handle those occasional days that make us question ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Day 92

  1. Nice views of the trail, J. You’ll hit some good rocks in the Whites, good meaning ‘many,’ some big and some bigger! 😉 They come and go, just like the weather.


  2. Beautiful pictures, then the pipeline, certainly seems out of place. Glad you are doing somewhat better, like I said before you can pickup when you feel 100%, so take the boulders slow and steady. Sleep well


  3. Happy I see that you are feeling better, take it slow let your recovery catch up to you, don’t get too far out ahead of it. Do you have to get different footwear in order to get through the rocks you’re going to be in countering us in the future? Love the pictures you took today, they seem to cover many facets of our existence, I prefer those that are serene and peaceful. Continue to take good care of those feet they will serve you well on the trailhead. We all miss you, stay safe, keep on trucking.


  4. Mary Lou Iverson June 4, 2018 — 1:26 pm

    Onward and upward. Love the flowers of course! Man’s intrusion just doesn’t fit in with the serenity of nature to me. Too bad. I loved the bridge and the boardwalk. Thanks again for an excursion I will never get to take.

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  5. Glad you’re feeling better. After antibiotics (is that what you got?) you have to be a little more careful because they kill the good bugs too. Filtering is good. Photos are really nice still, thanks for posting them. Ryan’s comment was funny, he’s a bit punchy I think because he’s stuck in Ely for a gasoline spill. I think he likes it up there but he won’t admit it. I think it’s pretty amazing that for the most part, the trail is really in the woods (from your photos) and rarely in civilization. It’s a long way to walk without having to cross a major highway, city or more than just a wooden bridge occasionally. Of course we can’t see it all, but still nice. Pipelines suck, but you know the deal. At least you can say that your job back home is to protect people from the perils of pipelines… (if they must exist, then…)
    keep on keeping on!!!

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    1. Thanks. I am starting to feel better, but need to get calories back in me, which will happen. Think I will cross more roads and some big ones going further north. I have crossed a few interstate highways so far, they look alien at this point. On average I can get to a small town or city every 4 days or so.

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