Day 93

Today was a short hiking day. I think it was 11 miles or so. It was cloudy most of the day. The sun came out after I hiked. I hiked to a place called the Rock N Sole Hostel. I am trying to keep my miles in check (today was short by any measure) and be places where I can eat with the hopes of making progress in more easily adding calories back in me after the last two weeks.

Today, I passed 1,200 miles on the trail. That is a lot of backpacking.

The trail today was fairly rocky and some small sections were pure rocks. A lot of the ground under the trees was covered by large areas of ferns.

I saw a little bright orange friend today, who was as long as my pinky finger, but much thinner.

Also saw a turkey with a bunch of babies. They are hard to see in the grass.

Finally, as I came close to the road the hostel was going to pick me up at, there was a monument to an old fort.

Once at the hostel, I saw my private accommodations. It feels like Valentines Day. Haha

Back on the trail tomorrow. But tonight the hostel owners are cooking us dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning. I think this is what I need at the moment. It might even be too cute for my precious girlfriend.

15 thoughts on “Day 93

  1. That is worth a great laugh, can’t possibly be any other “hostels” like that. That place would make anyone feel just a little better, perhaps you could add that to Facebook. Glad you will get more rest, it all takes time. Congrats on your milestone today, great to have done that many, keep thinking of all the familiar places you would have reached, just crazy. Enjoy your stay and I say that with a smile.

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  2. About when will you finish this trek? You would enjoy the Mosel River hike in Germany. I know it fairly well. Our family hiked weekly on Sundays if Jerry wasn’t on alert, and accomplished a good share of it. I lived on the river so was easily accessed. Your trip is so unique; full of American History and vegetation appropriate for the location. Flowers? I love those. Thanks again.


    1. P.S. Your Valentine hang-out was cool. I haven’t seen flamingoes in yards for years. Maybe your mom and dad would like them!! Just kidding.


      1. The whole neighboorhood….!!!!! Maybe I will buy a ton of them and plant them all over at night. Haha


    2. I have about another three months to go.


  3. Haha wayyyy too pink for me! But a great rest for you.

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  4. Your new digs remind me of your Award winning campsite when you ran the 24 hour “Fans” Marathon at Fort Snelling State Park. I seem to remember a lot of pink flamingos there as well.


  5. Just a follow up on my previous post, it was exactly one year ago today you won the “Best Campsite” at the Friends Marathon, with all those pink flamingos……..Strange don;t you think?


  6. Have so enjoyed your blog, thank you for sharing. Some of your entries are very deep and thought provoking. Other entries have given me a good laugh with your travels, but the thought of you spending the night in that adorable little camper, just about made my side split. Too cute for words.


    1. My side has ruptured multiple times…might decorate home like this.


  7. Somebody put a lot of time, effort and PINK into that hostel. Pretty neat those old campers though, the refurb had to take a bit of love. and I guess they wanted to share it with everyone who stays there! LOL

    Good plan on the stocking up on calories… enjoy. We missed you at lunch yesterday at La Cabana, Beth said it’s just not the same without Jason. I agreed, but the green salsa won out and we went anyway. 🙂

    1200 miles is quite the accomplishment. Congrats. Hey do you think the insect stuff you had put on your clothes is still there? After the abuse you’ve put it through… the bugs might not even notice the chemicals under all the dirt! LOL I hope it works for you…

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  8. oh, and I love the ferns! very pretty. The little orange guy is an Eastern red spotted newt.

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  9. I love those thick ferns, only thing is you can’t be sure what’s running/crawling around under them! Great little camper! Congrats on the 1200 mi, J. Big milestone!


  10. That decor is hysterical. Glad you’re taking care of yourself. Rest and food will help. The people you are meeting are so amazing.

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  11. I enjoy reading your daily blogs, and pictures you have been posting are wonderful. I’m glad you are feeling better and found an interesting PINK place to stay, with good food and well needed rest. Congrats, on the 1200 mark. Keep on hiking!!!

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