Day 94

This morning I had an amazing homemade coffee cake, oven omlet and fresh fruit from the hostel. My belly was so full.

Today I hiked just shy of 15 miles to Port Clinton. The trail was pretty rocky, but nothing brutal. Beat the rains in. The next few days should be good weather.

Coming into town, I crossed a small rail yard. Then by some large pieces of coal donated by various companies. Then a nice river and a guy fishing welcomed me to town.

Stopped off in the Port Clinton Barbershop. Not for a haircut. It is just the place to go. Sometimes they have live music there, they will shuttle you places, they have coffee and cookies and place to recharge electronics. They also want to know everyone’s name when you come it. Cool place.

In the fire station there is also a bar.

2 thoughts on “Day 94

  1. That’s not just some coal, it’s world famous appalachian anthracite! That’s why I could never do this, I’d be picking up rock samples along the way so by the time I got to where you are end my pack would weight more than I do.

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    1. Don’t worry. I had that big piece mailed to you next day sir. Just pay the freight on arrival. Can’t be more than a few stamps. Ha


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