Day 95

Today was a 22 mile hike to the Allentown Hiking Club Shelter.

The climb out of Port Clinton was steep in a few spots but not too bad. The hike today was on a lot of ridgelines. There were a lot of rocks and scrambles today. I really had to watch my footing and take my time. Hiked all day with Bluebird.

Came across an Astronomical Park. Might be fun if I was in the area at night and got an invite.

Stopped and had lunch at The Pinnacles. It’s a rocky overlook, there are not many overlooks in PA. I was thinking we would see a lot of rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes on the rocks, but did not see any. Did see a number of deer, baby bunnies, eagles, toads.

I fell on a piece of wet grass in a flat area today. Just slipped. I am fine. Not even embarassed. Bluebird fell in a rocky area and bent a treaking pole. Bluebird was not injured, was very lucky.

Pennsylvania is throwing what it can at us. Luckily there is still water on the trail, even if its limited and the temperature is moderate. Folks hiking here later in summer may have a tougher time.

6 thoughts on “Day 95

  1. Rocks look a bit challenging. I’m happy to hear you and Bluebird avoided injuries with the slips that took place today. I’m sure you were just fine without seeing the snakes, and enjoying the baby animals the you did see. I know i would be. ENJOY


  2. Rocks, rocks and more rocks, looks like it could be very dangerous, easy to break a leg or an ankle. This
    part of the trail you might want to look down rather than ahead , stay safe.


  3. Amazing how the views and the terrain vary so much day to day. It’s always so interesting to see what you encounter every day.
    Hope you’re feeling a lot better—sounds as if your appetite is finally good again.
    I was surprised to not see a flamingo sticking out of your pack….

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  4. I love hiking ridges and enjoy the great views they usually afford, but the rocky trails like that are no fun. As someone else said above, ‘stay safe.’

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    1. It is all fun, provided the rocks are dry.

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  5. Yep, that looks like PA. Did you see any orange cones? I don’t think there’s much if any time I’ve spent in PA that was not bordered on both sides by orange cones and barrels. Such is like here too though!
    My early ancestors were coal minors in PA, and other such jobs.
    Good thing you’re ok. I suppose a few stumbles are inevitable but as long as you stay healthy…. good luck and godspeed!!!!!

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