Day 96

Hiked into Palmerton, PA today. It was about 20 miles.

It was a rocky trail day, with some longer sections of boulder climbing. The Knifes Edge was the biggest. Every step and handhold I was looking for snakes. No snakes found. In bad weather, I would not advise hiking this section, you may fall off. Pictures do not do justice the the length or steepness of this feature.

I ran into a hiker who had hiked through the area and said he was standing on rocks and looked down and saw a Copperhead snake between his legs that tried to strike him but it just missed.

While hiking, a turkey was waiting in the tall grass and ferns for me. When I got within 10 feet, it ran out making tons of noise and flapping it wings. I planted my front foot down hard to stop myself. I admit I was suprised by it. Haha.

There were some parts of the trail that were not that rocky.

6 thoughts on “Day 96

  1. Man that looks rough, steep, straight up, bet its hard to get 1 mile a hour in some of the heavy rock, I read some were, the pacific crest trail swithbacks its way up and over, The AT straight up and over! From your pics looks like hes right. Side note Isle Royale going to put 20 to 30 wolves over the next few years, there don to 2

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    1. Some areas out here are literally straight up and down for sure. 1 mile an hour is about right in the tough spots maybe less.


  2. Copperheads are so dangerous. I haven’t seen one in MN, only in the Ozarks when I was a child. This huge snake was trying to get in to the cabin via the front door. I have never forgotten the fear I felt. You sound like you can just take it in stride. I am envious.
    You must be feeling better. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

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  3. I can’t believe those are really trail markers, wow.


  4. Thanks again for the day brightened, humor and great pictures!
    Can’t imagine hiking on all that rock. Take care – and keep the humor and pictures coming!

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  5. A tough day 4 sure… even with no snake!

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