Day 97

Hiked about 21 miles to Wind Gap, PA today. Started off at the river and climbed a very steep hill up a mountain, that turned into mountain climbing straight up. I had good weather, in bad weather things might not turn out so well. I imagine a few serious injuries or worse have happened here over the years.

We had to hike around the Palmerton Zinc Pile Superfund Site. In addition to that, I carried 4 liters of water as there was hardly any on this part of the trail. Normally I carry one or two liters at a time. Had some steep rock scrambles but some good sections of trail too, still lots of rock which may continue for a while.

Zinc plant from the trail.

Fuzzy Wuzzy, Bluejay and Pace Car (me). Meet One Gear, Snowplow and Floopy Disk, but no pics.

Good parts of trail.

The weather cooperated with clouds and decent temperatures. Hiking this in heat and humidity with hardly any water on the trail would not be fun.

Hiking on rocks and boulders is seeming to be normal. Gnats are starting to fly right into my eyes more and more. Other insects are out too, but nothing too bad so far.

Likely going to take a zero in town tomorrow. Will see what actually happens. I am almost out of PA and into New Jersey. My mood is great and my body is holding up well.

June 21 is hike naked day. That should be a fun blog post then!!! Almost here!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 97

  1. Water’s necessary, but heavy to tote. But you shed the weight in short order as you drink it… the damn gnats just don’t seem to go away though! Will be nice to get out of rocky PA.

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