Day 98

I decided not to zero in Wind Gap. The logistics are just too difficult. I woke up at 9 a.m. and was on the trail for about a 16 mile hike to Delaware Water Gap. I am mentally and physically ready for a zero.

It was a rocky hike with just a few boulder scrambles.

I decided I will take a zero in Delaware Water Gap at the Watergap Country Club.

As I was hiking to the country club from the trail a guy in a fancy car asked for directions and I got a .5 mile ride.

The country club did my laundry for me. Sat outside at the lounge and had a burger, a few drinks and some ice cream. Chatted with a few friendly club members/locals and heard some live music.

4 thoughts on “Day 98

  1. Good for you, relax and enjoy your zeros, you certainly earned them. Loved the pictures of the flowers and the Overlook. Take care of yourself looking forward to your next blog.

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  2. You’re click’in right along, J. Look’in good and do’in a hell of a job mileage-wise!

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  3. Have a good day off, sorry it is raining, but at least you don’t have to hike over boulders in it. Looks like 3 tenths of a mile and you are in NJ, will have to brush up on that state, hope it gives a little break. You must be feeling better with the mileage you were doing through such ruff terrain. Enjoy today


  4. Keep up the energy Jason. You are doing awesome.

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