Day 99

Today was a good zero day. I woke up this morning (obviously…haha) and it was raining and it rained all day long. Good timing.

The sharp rocks of Pennsylvania did a job on my shoes. I was able to pick up a new pair at a town a few towns over. I could order them on Amazon, but I try to buy local. I also picked up a resupply of food for the next four days or so of hiking.

Went out to see the movie Adrift for a change of pace. It was a decent movie, but predictable.

Going to hit the trail in the morning. Will leave Pennsylvania early on and enter New Jersey.

2 thoughts on “Day 99

  1. Like they say” Pennsylvania is where boots go to die”. Your lucky to be able to find your size in the area. Glad you had a good day. New Jersey here you come.


  2. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan June 11, 2018 — 1:59 am

    I think this is day 99. You might have titled it wrong. Nice you had a day off to resupply and relax a bit.


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