Day 102

Hiked about 22.5 miles to get near Vernon, NJ. But last night the Whip Poor Wills were out and making so much noise. I have to be honest, they annoy me. Haha. They make so much noise at the worst times.

There was a threat of rain and thunderstorms all day long. In the end, it did not rain during the day, just overnight.

Early in the day made it to Highpoint State Park. This is the first state park that New Jersey had. A private landowner donated the land for a park. The owner wanted a veterans memorial on the land too. At the visitor center they gave free cans of Pepsi to thru hikers. There a few hikers were deciding what to do given the weather forecast.

The trail was pretty enjoyable today. Had some flat spots, some rocky spots, some pretty steep ups and downs, some pastures and wetlands too over a lot of board walks.

At WallKill National Wildlife Refuge, I saw a deer walking in the water, swans, baby swans and lots of other birds and flowers.

At the very end of the day hiked to Heaven Hill Farm, where they have soda, ice cream and other food. Got there just as they closed, so I waited at the gate trying to figure out what to do next. Then a worker there named Emily brought out some free apples and doughnuts for me. That was the best. TRAIL MAGIC.

4 thoughts on “Day 102

  1. Great trail views and a big vet memorial (nice)… and great trail magic w/ Emily from Heaven Hill Farm. All in all a good day, I’d say! Your appreciation for the bag from Emily shows… big smile! 😉

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    1. Kind sincere people just make me really happy.

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      1. Always, even just a smile and kind words! It’s so easy!

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  2. It seems to me that thru hikers have groupies, doesn’t surprise me that you guys are becoming folk heroes because of your accomplishments, what fun is that, I’am sure they enjoy your stories, and I know you guys appreciate the trail magic. I hope you continue to enjoy both good weather and good health, stay safe, we miss you.


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