Day 101

Today, I hiked about 18.5 miles to the Rutherford Shelter, where I set up my tent.

Today, the trail was still very rocky. I think the rumors of less rock are false. Not that it matters, as I will take on whatever is in front of me anyways. The trail looked like it should have been easy on paper, but it just seemed harder for some reason.

A few hours into the hike a few of us hitched into town to get some breakfast. It reduced our miles for the day, but miles are not everything and it takes calories to do miles. So win win.

Hiked a lot of rocky ridges today and had a lot of great views. The trail was gently rolling. Water was pretty sparse, but made do.

Came across a stagnant pond that looked black from a distance. Upon closer inspection it was filled with millions of tadpoles. It was pretty wild.

Once I got to camp, I took my shoes and socks off. My right big toe was red. Turns out I must have popped a capillary or something it in today. It was fine when I started the day. It does not hurt, whatever happened.

9 thoughts on “Day 101

  1. Toe sure looks funny, but then again so does the rest of you! LOL kidding… but not? 🙂 you decide. at least we don’t have to smell the toe in the office, looking at it is enough. Remember what your feet looked like after your 24 hour thing… hmmm…
    well, back to the square world of cubicle land and the day sort. you better get back soon. I’m tired of watering your plant.

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    1. Oh you are gonna pay for that comment!! Haha.


  2. Ouch! Says that big toe! I like your logic on hitching to town for breakfast… the win-win!
    I’ve seen a picture of that look-out tower before -Sharkbait posted it when he passed by. Speaking of Sharkbait, he’s in Killington after spending several days with family members who visited him along the trail, and he even hiked a few days with his dad. That slowed him down a bit, so you two may meet up yet. Now he’s talking about returning to Vermont to hike the Long Trail. He’ll be in NH in a couple of dayz, then the Whites! Hope you guys meet!
    Hope the toe gets better! 😉


  3. 101 days…amazing! That was cool to see all the tadpoles – though seeing the toe picture I could’ve done without, lol! Is it wrong I wanted to hold a four gas meter up to the picture to see if it would get an LEL reading? hahaha So how was the tadpole soup btw?

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    1. I had not tried tadpole soup yet. I will save that for something to share with you. What date should we reserve for this gourmet meal?


  4. There might be some leaches in that pond that would be happy to take care of your toe problem. Just sayin’.

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    1. Leave it to you, to suggest I get medieval medical treatment…haha…if I do, pictures will be posted…


  5. Theodore Badio June 21, 2018 — 9:41 am

    cute toes! hahaha


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