Day 106

Last night had a few deer walk through and around camp as I was cowboy camping. There was another larger animal walking the outer perimeter of camp checking it out. I suspect it was a bear, but cannot verify that, I just saw its eyes. The biting gnats were pretty bad at about 4 a.m.

Today was about a 14 mile hike. I hiked with Professor, Mr. T and Bluejay most of the day. It was a good hike. On the trail by 6 a.m. Felt pretty good today, all things considered.

Hiked up Bear Mountain. Had good views before and on the way up. Got to see skyline views of New York City and the Hudson River. There were a lot of day hikers up there and a lot of questions for us thru hikers, but it was all good. Water was sparse today, but there was enough, when properly managed, as it got warm again.

The Perkins Memorial Tower on top of Bear Mountain.

Near Bear Mountain summit. The dark outlines are caused by lightening hitting the mountain and impacting minerals in the rock.

Us sitting on a bench, near Bear Mountain summitt.

Made it to Fort Montgomery, New York today. There was a concession stand in the area, so I stopped for a burger and some other food. Then the trail continued through a small zoo. The area was also the site of a Revolutionary War fort.

The AT crosses this bridge over the Hudson River, which I should cross over in the morning. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world at one point, maybe 1924 ish?

Trail Magic! People were having a Father’s Day party and they came over and gave each of us several large pieces of cake, knowing it was Father’s Day and we were thru hikers. So cool. Did not see that coming!

5 thoughts on “Day 106

  1. Looks like nice country.


  2. I actually know where you are. I sailed under that bridge last fall taking the sail boat to Florida. I remember thinking how nice the area looked and would love to see it from the landside. Nice pictures.

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    1. I bet the view from the ship was great. The boys at West Point were at the gun range this morning too.


  3. Forgot to say Welcome to NY! My old stomping grounds. Although, I really spent very little time in that part of the state. You probably passed pretty close to my sister in NJ… Have fun!


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