Day 107

Today was about a 15 mile hike. I am stealth camping with a few hikers tonight that I hiked with today. We are having a general thunderstorm. We need this to help cool it down as it is just too darn hot and humid tonight.

Today I passed by some Revolutionary War related sites, which I enjoy very much.

The hiking trail was decent today, but it was so hot I had to be careful. Others were doing the same by covering less miles, going slower, more water and more breaks.

6 thoughts on “Day 107

  1. Feel for you hikers in all that heat and humidity, does look like the 90s are leaving and highs in 70s and top at 80, hope the humidity goes way down. Stay safe

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  2. It’s interesting to think that soldiers had to have an innoculation center for smallpox. Really brings it home.


  3. Glad to hear everyone is taking it slower in the heat. It can really zap ya, no need to rush in the heat! Lots of beaks and water is the ticket! Take it easy and enjoy the hike, and get some good rest at night. Lights out!

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  4. A cool wind from the Springer section would feel good! About now….Hope your able to get quality sleep!

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  5. oh the irony, carrion beetles that eat dead things, reproducing… LOL
    was there a dead body nearby? gives me the willies thinking about them. ick.


    1. So much irony…I have seen a few of the beetles on the trail, but not by any dead animals I could see. I just like how they look.


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