Day 108

Today, I hiked and set up in the area of the Morgan Stewart Shelter. It was about a 20 mile day.

The trail was rolling hills with a few steep up and down climbs. It started off humid and foggy from the storms last night, but that eventually burned off and the sun came out. At times there was a nice breeze.

While on top of a ridge there was a US flag painted on the rocks as a September 11 memorial. I was buzzed several times to two low flying fighter planes flying in tight formation.

There were nice views today and I hiked with a couple of good people today.

My phone started acting up this afternoon. The phone will not recognize the SD Card where I have been saving my photos to. I tried what I could to fix it, to no avail. Very frustrating. Next town stop I will try to get it fixed.

Took a .5 mile off trail detour with Professor to get pizza, salad, popsicles and cold drinks for dinner. We hiked on 4 more miles and set up camp after. I felt better after eating. Prior to that I was kind of struggling today for some reason. But it was a good day and I pushed on and it got better. I like how supportive and positive other thru hikers are, it really helps.

Not a lot of pics to share today due to the SD card issue.

My clothing, backpack, shoes and probably everything I have, definitely has that thru hiker smell to it. Can’t imagine ever getting the smell out. If you put it in a hotel or hostel room the smell fills it. Luckily, the good hostels have you keep that stuff outside.

Maybe another two days and I will be out of New York.

6 thoughts on “Day 108

  1. Good luck in getting the phone’s memory working again. Will be nice to enter another state in the next few days… it’s all progress, and each day gets you closer to the Whites… and then Katahdin.


  2. Hard to believe that you’re almost through New York. I sure hope you get the problem with your phone resolved. Great picture of the deer! Hopefully your weather will improve for the remainder of the week, happy that you are feeling better. The smell of your clothing will help keep the wildlife and the bugs away, a silver lining in every cloud. Have a great day, check in with you later.


    1. I think it attracts bugs..


  3. That, I read is the largest tree on the trail, am I correct? Is the weather getting a little better there, we have had a lot of rain, no complaints, we don’t have to live in it. Have a good day.


  4. hahaha, funny about the smell. My Dad sure had it when he arrived in Florida after his 3 month long canoe trip, and i’m sure he had it hiking. LOL You just make sure to shower (a dozen times or so) before you come to the office…


    1. Showers just waste water. I will just come back and sit next to you as is. You have a respirator I think.

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