Day 109

Goodbye New York and hello Connecticut!

Today was about a 21 mile hike with Professor. Mojave and Cave Dave were doing a similar hike as was Sauerkraut.

I am camped out at the 10 Mile River. Today was a good day, but tiring. Just like most days, but so rewarding and worth the effort and wear and tear.

I passed by the largest tree on the AT today in NY. It is over 300 years old.

Went to Nuclear Lake. It was very scenic. But back in 1972 there was a government lab here and there was a fire and an undisclosed amount of weapons grade plutonium was released into the lake and surrounding area. They say it is safe, but I passed on drinking water from the lake.

Passed through a lot of nice wetland and swamp areas today and open fields, in addition to mountain terrain.

After lunch I went by an old wooden water tower.

Just before lunch, I passed by a dead raccoon. Except it was not dead, it was just laying in the grass. It was breathing and alive. We got away from it so fast, not sure if it was rabid or what.

Everyone I mentioned above all stopped for lunch at this food truck out in the middle of nowhere. Great burgers, pasta salad, ice cream shakes and more. It was right by this native plants landscaping company, which loves hikers and even designed an gazebo area for us to relax, way cool.

There was a map at the NY CT state line of the trail. Just a handful of States left to hike through. Also some of the toughest/most rewarding parts of trail lie ahead.

10 thoughts on “Day 109

  1. Lots of nice pictures, J. Looks like a good day on the trail!. Enjoy CT as you head north!


  2. That big tree is really cool! food truck! I haven’t even been to one of those in the cities! Every time I want to, they are not there. what gives? Congrats on another state down. I’m so jealous of your journey. 🙂


    1. Hey I offered to let you come along and carry my pack for me…LOL. Just saying. Haha

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  3. Congrats on your progress, as well as on taking the time to appreciate all the little things. Great pictures and bits of trivia every day!
    The other night I was at a seminar at Midwest Mountaineering sponsored by Backpacker Magazine. Was thinking of you a lot when they showed gear, talked about treating and carrying water, etc. I’d hear a good tip, and think, “I bet Jason knows that”.
    Carry on, and thanks for all the updates.

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    1. Thanks for caring and thinking of me. I am greatful to know you and I hope you too are enjoying life as you can.


  4. Love the picture of you sitting alongside the the river, maybe remembering the previous states that you have traveled through, and anticipating the trail ahead. I love what you were doing.

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  5. Your definitely my inspiration Jason, not only for taking on the challenge of this thru-trip …but for following a dream, a passion, and getting yourself out of the rat race life has become here … Take care my friend… Enjoy every second… Luckiest guy I know …Be safe…have fun… LOVE the critter pics!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish everyone would follow their dreams and passions. Life is too short. It’s fun having you follow along and I look forward to seeing you in person.


  6. What, you didn’t want to try the water and see if you could glow in the dark?


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