Day 113

I’m back on the trail again. Remember that country music song?

Anyways, made it 16 miles today. Thunderstorms had me set up camp a little sooner than I might have have. It is ok. After I set up and one wave of rain ended, I realized I set up not far from a road and not far from someones back yard of their home. Oh well!

Got the tent set up in pouring rain and my backpack under the vestibule. I got naked outside in the rain, put my wet clothes under the vestibule. Then I got in the tent, wiped myself dry and the inside of the tent with my pack towel. Then I set up the inside of my tent as it rained. All dry inside the tent. The mosquitos are pretty bad outside tonight, I suspect the rain agitated them. There are forecast to be several waves of thunderstorms tonight.

The hiking today was along a nice river for a while and then a fair amount of steep up and downs. My feet and ankles were a little sore and acting out today. It was hot and humid and all of us hikers and our clothing were totally sweat soaked.

4 thoughts on “Day 113

  1. Looks like good weather on Monday and Tuesday, dry and low humidity, but of course you would be aware of that. Looks like 22.6 miles and you will be in Mass. I suppose you had to put wet clothes on in the morning, that has to wake you up, would rather have coffee myself. Have a good day

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    1. Wet pants anyways. That’s all I wore today until my stuff dried out.


  2. Very nice countryside… I assume you’re in Mass. by now… and it’s probably quite a bit different than walking through downtown or suburban Boston. Enjoy!

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    1. I am in Mass now. So far so good.

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