Day 114

Today was a little over 18 miles of hiking.

This morning I just put my rain soaked shorts on to hike it. My other wet clothing was strapped to the outside of my pack to air dry. Got a little more rain on the higher summits and ridges, but the sun eventually broke through and with a nice breeze things dried out.

I started off a little slow today. Yesterday I was in a mood, as the bottoms of my feet and ankles were in pain most of the day, but better than previous days. Today, things felt a lot better and my mood also improved. The trail had much less sharp and jagged rocks today, which helped and gave my feet some time to recover. I still had some steep ups and downs, but taking them gently, as gently as possible anyways helped too.

Saw a wild turkey today with a bunch of babies running up and down the trail. They wanted me to see them, but they ran away as the camera came out several times.

Four thru hikers stopped off for some breakfast around 11 a.m. toyday. There was a place about .3 miles off trail. It was really good.

The local hydroelectric plant put in a free outdoor shower for hikers to use. Very nice. I did not use it, but would have if it was warmer. I did refill my water bottles. You can find free outdoor showers every so often along the trail.

In the afternoon I came across a sunny clearing. I dried out my tent and wet clothes there as I had a snack. It did not take long. Plus it had a good view.

Towards the end of the day, I crossed the 1,500 mile mark. I am camped by a creek near mile 1502.5 or so. The creek water is clear and cold.

The sun sets about 8:30 p.m. The sun is on its way down now.

4 thoughts on “Day 114

  1. Another nice day from the look of it… your pictures! 😉

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    1. It was a great day in everyway today.

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  2. Wow 1500 miles, no wonder your dogs are barking.


  3. Looks like nice scenery, more urban a bit? Bummer about the feet, is it different shoes or just different terrain?

    hope you can get them stronger and keep on keeping on!!!


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