Day 115

Woke up this morning and I could see my breath in the cool mountain air that settled over me. The sunrise was nice and a great way to start the morning, with the sound of a babbling creek.

I also left Connecticut and entered Massachusetts today.

Today was a challenging day of hiking. I went up and down three different mountains. Some of the climbs/descents were up/down 100 foot shear rock faces or more. It was slow going. On top of the mountains were great views. I was totally exposed to the hot, intense sun on the rocky ridges. Getting back into tree cover, it felt 20 degrees cooler. Ahhhhhhh.

Water was also in short supply today. There was enough water in a few springs/creeks though. Some of it was ice cold somehow. Towards the end of the day, I came across some trail magic when it was most needed of ice cold water in jugs. As I was sitting there, the trail angel came to add more ice and water and we chatted a while. She has been doing this for 18 years. Way cool!

After trail magic, I kept hiking. Got to Jug Bottom, which is a ridge. Two hikers and I sat down on the cliff pondering if we should set up camp or go down the cliff. We all ate food for energy and for our brains. After eating we decided to go down the cliff. Slow going, but made it down. Then I hiked through a mosquito infested swamp. It was a pretty swamp for sure, would have camped there if I was hoping to see a swamp monster. Haha.

Hiked through some scenic farm fields and past a monument to the final battle of Shays Rebellion. Way cool, remember this from school.’_Rebellion

Made it to town for resupply, but got in too late, so will zero tomorrow and do it then. Two hikers and I got some town food 30 minutes before the restaurant closed.

9 thoughts on “Day 115

  1. Another new state, J. Congrats!


  2. For your readig pleasure, in case you did not see:

    Overlooked No More: Emma Gatewood, First Woman to Conquer the Appalachian Trail Alone

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    1. Good morning Andy! Hope you are doing well my friend. The Grandma Gatewood story is great. Strong person!


  3. OMG! I can’t believe you’re in Massachusetts already! You’re killing it! I suppose the rocky trails will continue as you get closer to the end?
    Love seeing all the pics, especially enjoyed that sunrise and the “anatomy tree” in this post. LOL Glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor.
    Hope you’re enjoying your zero day! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your days with us. It’s fun to live vicariously through you.

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    1. I suspect the trail will just be rock going north, more so in some areas.

      It just was a normal picture of the forest in the area. Not sure what you are talking about, a special tree? I don’t see it…haha. My twisted sense of humor is what keeps me going somedays. It’s all good and a treat to be out here.

      Thanks for keeping in touch and following. It means a lot to me. Nice job painting the other day too!

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  4. The picture of you sleeping on the boulder, reminds me of one of Santa’s Elves on December 26th.

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    1. I was just tired and took a nap. Maybe I will get a job as a mall Santa someday.


  5. hahaha, J as a mall santa… if we still have malls, you would be great. santa’s are always nice looking at first then a little scary and creepy, you got those down. I can see you whispering in the kids ears… what do you want little johnny? a bike? no, you’ll get a chainsaw…hahahahahaha
    uncle jason you know you can’t ditch us for this long and not expect a little flack….

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    1. Flack is good with friends.


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