Day 118

Got up around 6 a.m. and got a ride back to the trailhead. The skies were clear but a lot of humidity hung in the air. The plants were all wet. So I too got wet legs and shoes for sure. I spotted many slugs out this morning.

Past by the Housatonic River this morning. Locals say General Electric used to have a plant upriver.

Even though the rains stopped last night, the rocks were wet and slippery for half the day. Knowing this, I still managed to slip on wet rock and fall hard. Luckily, only my pride was hurt. I sat there a while before getting back on my feet. But up I got. Glad it was not raining.

Saw a few nice views today. Saw a lot of the orange newts today and they were running. Normally they are pretty still. They seem to be my favorite animal out here.

I hiked without my shirt today as it was warm. I knew I had black and blue marks on my body from my pack from going shirtless.. I had my pack off as I was getting water and another hiker noticed I had an open wound on my shoulder from my pack. So I got my first aid kit out and had someone help put antibiotic cream, a bandaid and some heavy medical tape over it all. Should heal up fine.

Towards the end of my hike someone made a little snack station/drink station for hikers at their home. Pretty neat.

I camped in the woods at a stealth site. There was a camp site 2 miles south of where I set up, but a momma bear with two cubs has been stirring things up there, so I chose a site I hope is more mellow.

It was a 20 mile hike today. It was a good day. I mean my day was better than a bees I saw. So no complaints from me.

4 thoughts on “Day 118

  1. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan June 30, 2018 — 9:20 am

    Great photos. I hope you heal from your cut and bruised soon.

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  2. Your life that day was better than the bee caught in the spider’s web! Ha ha… good one!

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  3. Mary Lou Iverson June 30, 2018 — 6:54 pm

    The pictures are just incredible. I hope you make books from them for your own enjoyment when you get home. I am so impressed by all the people who make way stations for the hikers. There really are good people in the world doing good things.

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  4. wow, lots of great stuff there. love the fog through the trees, and the new england landscapes. It reminds me a bit of home. i’m sure it takes longer for wounds to heal when you’re out there so take care. glad someone noticed… would suck to get hurt and not be able to hike.

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