Day 120

Man, it was one hot day today. It was about 100 degrees today and the humidity was super high also. I hiked about 18 miles to Cheshire, MA.

At lunch time, I passed through Dalton, MA. On the way into town a guy at home offered cold beverages. I had one and sat on the picnic table talking with him and other hikers. Then I moved on to get food at an air conditioned restaurant, before hiking more.

Some wild berries were out, so I did what a bear would do and I started eating.

It just got more hot as the day went. Slowed the pace down and drank as much water as one could to stay hydrated and took breaks. Stuck feet in the water at a beaver pond on a break.

The terrain was rolling, but heat and humidity were what the day was about.

Thought about hiking more, but gave that idea up due to the heat. Decided to stay in town at the only place available.

Camped out in the lawn of a church tonight. An 11 year old named Nate and his mom stopped by this evening to provide some awesome trail magic (popsicles, cold drinks, fruit, and other food) and great company. They are great people. It was so appreciated! Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Day 120

  1. You’ve sure met lots of nice people along the trail,J. All that trail magic must give you a good feeling inside!


  2. PartAnimal PartMachine July 2, 2018 — 4:40 am

    Dear Santa:
    Thank you for visiting with me and my mum while on holiday hiking the AT after traveling the world delivering gifts, your trail magic. I trust that you enjoyed the heat and humidity and especially appreciated the popsicles and other cold treats to remind you of the North Pole! Ms. Clause will need to fatten you back up once you return. The AT heat tends to melt away extra North Pole insulation and you have definitely adjusted. Don’t forget to tell the elves about my wish list for this coming holiday season. I look forward to seeing Rudolph the next time you visit. Journey well and remember, share the lessons with all your toes, beavers like them, as you know.
    – Nate (channelled through PAPM)


    1. Santa hears you and is checking his list.


  3. Mary Lou Iverson July 2, 2018 — 3:22 pm

    The berries? Wild raspberries? Good, I’ll bet. You are experiencing the goodness of American culture as you go along. I am always impressed with the great people you meet. Can I have my picture taken with you when you get back?? I would be so proud of it.

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  4. Yes, you do look a bit like santa! I bet a lot of folks take on that look by the point you’re at on the trail. have any bugs taken up residence in there? you can have them as snacks when you get hungry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. a lot of guys look like Santa. no bugs in my beard that I can find. if there was. not sure I would admit that…ooooooo


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