Day 124

Tonight, I am camped out by a creek near mile 1643. About 12.5 miles were hiked today.

Hiked up Stratton Mountain. This is the area where Benton MacKaye got the idea to create the Appalachian Trail. It was not that bad of a hike up, even with a heat warning in effect. Nice views and there was a caretaker couple who lived on top in a small cabin with a little garden, next to an old firetower. The springs flowing out of the mountain on the way up and down were ice cold. Sometimes I will take my Snickers candy bar on a hot day and place it in cold water to resolidify it. Eating melted candy is not for me, if it can be helped.

Near the bottom of the mountain is Stratton Pond. I stopped and spent a few hours in the pond. It was pretty nice. I sat in the sun to dry off and ate lunch there after. It was a great stop.

Hiked a few more miles and set up camp. Started a small campfire to help keep the insects at bay, which it did nicely.

The weather forecast has a cold front moving through maybe tonight, but tomorrow for sure. It will break the heatwave they say.

Yesterday came across a female hiker who said she was throwing up all day and unable to keep water down. Today there was a make hiker with pretty bad chaffing between the thighs. Both of those issues are tough to have on the trail. So far, I have been lucky. I have had chaffing start a few times, but I got it under control. I just clean the area, apply a little vaseline and rinse out the clothing. Often (not always) chaffing is caused by small salt crystals from sweat creating micro cuts in the skin from rubbing against skin.

2 thoughts on “Day 124

  1. Skinny dipping? 😉

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  2. Looks like the pond was a little bit of heaven for you hikers

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