Day 125

During the early morning hours of the day, around 4 a.m. some general thunderstorms kicked up and brought rain and wind to camp. A few lightening strikes were pretty close, but the storms moved out quickly.

I packed up all my gear dry, with only a wet tent. That is as good as it gets after rain.

Hiked about 9.5 miles into Manchester Center, Vermont. Of course the rocks and tree roots were slick. There were sections of the trail that were muddy of course, but not on an epic scale by any measure.

It was dark and foggy while hiking today. Almost could have used my headlamp. Saw some flowers and a giant white mushroom, that looks like a mouth.

As the hike neared its end for the day, came across some Trail Magic of cold Gatoraide.

Tomorrow, I will have a zero in town. Body needs some rest for sure. Picked up a few local brews to try out. Will post about that tomorrow. The weather should be more friendly now the cool front has moved through.

Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Day 125

  1. Wow 125 days! Seems like you just left. Enjoy your zero day. I really enjoy your blog, pictures, your thoughts and hearing about the folks you meet. Keep enjoying the experience and I hope those feet hold up! You are awesome!!! Take care Jason.

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    1. It is hard to comprehend it has been 125 days, 1,652 miles and countless experiences and memories. I am so grateful to you!


  2. Hope you have/had a great night as well, J.

    The Green Mountains in Vermont are pretty nice hiking too. Keep your eyes out for the Long Trail Brewery up near Killington (just So of it I think). I’ve got a son-in-law from Woodstock… nice little town about 10-20 mi west of White River Junction. You may want to go back next year and hike the Long Trail… 😉 Enjoy Vermont, it’s pretty nice!

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