Day 126

Today was a famous zero day. A rest day, a day off from hiking. Spending the day in Manchester Center, Vermont.

Slept in until 8 a.m.

Got some breakfast.

Went and did my laundry, picked up a new batch of trail food, got some new shoes. treated my clothing with bug repellent. went to get some ice cream at Ben and Jerrys, and took a nap.

Had a few locally brewed ciders and beers too, over the course of the day.

Walking around, I saw this home that would be great to have. Looks a little more posh than my tent. I wonder if it has a shower with hot water and comfy beds.

I will be hitting the trail tomorrow and pushing forward.

7 thoughts on “Day 126

  1. Looks like a quality stop! …Vermont, can’t believe it Man your really doing something!….. North my boy North!

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    1. It was pretty relaxing and lazy here. Following the North Star home.


  2. Nice selection of beverages, a nice home… Vermont is just a nice place! And a good place to take a zero!

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  3. We are out of Campers now and so nice to pull up your blog, Jessica was great about sharing with us, since we are in the Stone Age, even the darn phone didn’t have a signal in Nevis. Another pair of shoes, really, how many does that make? So glad to hear the weather will be a little better for you, can’t imagine hiking when it is that hot and humid. That house does look like a beautiful home with a wonderful setting. Hope you had a great zero, sure looks like it.

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    1. I think I have totally wore out 5 pair of shoes so far. Glad you guys had a good vacation.


  4. Your zero day looks like one I would like. Nothing like beer cider and ice cream all in one day. I cant believe you are in Vermont already. Hope all is well and your feet are OK.


    1. things are well out in the woods. hope they are great with you.


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