Day 127

Had breakfast this morning and then walked out to the road to get a hitch back to the trailhead. A nice lady driving to Maine picked me up, within a minute of sticking the thumb out.

Today was a nice cool day for hiking. It was the first time in what seems a long time that I was not sweat soaked. I almost forgot what it is like to be dry.

Hiked over a ski slope this morning. There were nice views on top. Hiked in the woods most of the day. Saw two areas of moose droppings, but no moose yet.

The trail up to Baxter Peak was pretty steep. It was a large mass of rock, jagged rock that was hard to get any solid foothold in. Made it up and looked backwards and views were great.

Got to a stealth camp along a nice stream filled with big boulders. Went down and soaked my feet in the cool water and took in the sun for an hour. It was nice.

Cooked dinner (pasta and tuna, lemonade drink mix and a pack of yogurt covered raisins) and then went in my tent to stretch and massage the legs.

3 thoughts on “Day 127

  1. Always thought in my mind that Vermont would be a beautiful state and your pictures prove that correct. Also love the picture of your “home” out there in the forest, can’t get better than that. Looking at the boulders on the trail would have made me turn back, ha ha. The water is so clear and refreshing looking, know wonder your feet were called in. Have a good one, hoping the weather stays good for you.

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    1. So far Vermont is pretty nice.


  2. A creek like that is perfect to do some noodling for dinner. I know you know how to do that! All is fine here for now but the day of reckoning is Wednesday. Hopefully all the closed door conversations last week woke the powers that be up to the truth that for some strange reason were not known previously. We’ll keep on keeping on just like you. Reading your blog every morning sure helps!


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