Day 128

Today, I hiked about 17 miles and found a stealth campsite along a creek, just a little north of Clarendon Shelter.

Pretty early in the morning I passed Little Rock Pond. It was scenic, so I stopped, sat down, had a snake and took in the view. The pond was full of minnows, salamanders, waterbugs and more. Would have made for a great swim, but I did not. Was too

early to get my hair wet and ruin my highly styled hair. ha

At lunch time, I stopped and ate lunch at a little waterfall and also took the shoes off and relaxed some. I try to take/make time to enjoy the really nice spots.

Towards the end of the day stopped at Clarendon Gorge and went for a dip in the river for a while. The water was refreshingly cool.

After that, put the backpack on and hiked out of the gorge. Maybe for about half a mile it was almost straight up and climbing boulders. After that it was just gentle rolling hills.

It was a rather fine day. The insects were not too bad in this area. The feet look pretty good all things considered, still dealing with a compressed nerve in each foot near the bottom ball of the foot. I suspect I will deal, until the end of the hike. A lot of hikers have this. It happens when the foot loses fat to cushion the nerve.

Time to lay down. Have a great week everyone.

4 thoughts on “Day 128

  1. Would a double sock layer or padded insert under the ball help keep pressure off it? Maybe aggravate it? Doesn’t sound good.


  2. Dang, you will be under 500 when today is done. Sorry to hear your feet are giving you trouble, must be difficult to hike with pain, wish we could do something for you, but know that’s not possible. You should be having some good days ahead, good temps. Love that you are taking time to enjoy the scenic areas.

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    1. No Rain, No Pain, No Maine. That’s the saying, so it is all good. Embrace the Suck is another saying out here.


  3. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan July 10, 2018 — 6:34 pm

    It looks like you are in a beautiful spot. The creek looks so peaceful.


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