Day 130

I hiked 15 miles today and set up a camp on a creek near mile 1717. It is a quiet little camp, where I hear the small babbling creek, the birds singing and the wind blowing above me and russling the tree tops.

At lunch time, Thundering Falls was right on the trail, so it made a nice lunch stop. The falls are the tallest on the AT in Vermont.

The was a section of trail that was a short cliff, so the trail people were nice enough to put a ladder there, so I could more safely get down. It was fun, in part because it added variety to the day.

The hiking today was a lot constantly going up and down. It was a nice day, but I worked for those 15 miles. Well I guess technically, I work for all my miles, some just are a little easier and some much harder.

I ran into a husband/wife couple going South. They started in Maine and went through the White Mountains. They were nice enough to stop and share some details and thoughts with me that may help me when I get to those areas.

2 thoughts on “Day 130

  1. Nice to hear you met those south-bounders and discussed the upcoming Whites! Always good for that recent ‘first-hand’ shared-experience. Hope you got some good suggestions/insights. The ‘huts’ are a great part of the Presidential Range, and they make good stops elsewhere along the trail too… especially if bad weather is threatening! Even the plain old tent platforms can look pretty good after a long day… at least they are well drained, w/ an outhouse nearby! Enjoy, J. 😉

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    1. A good well draining tent platform looks great compared to setting up a tent on boulders. I might even enjoy them.

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