Day 131

Today, I hiked about 22 miles to West Hartford, VT. This morning I woke up tired and feeling like I did not have the energy or drive to hike today. However, I put my pack on and got going. After 5 hours of hiking, pushing myself to, I finally got into the grove. I need a rest day and will make one happen soon. The weather today was pretty nice. A tad warm in the afternoon for me. The trail was in pretty good shape. It was a day of what seemed to be constant ups and downs. The last 10 miles of the trail there was not much water at all. Have some hydrating to do.

This morning I was walking over a small boardwalk over a swampy area. A bee decided to sting me on the side of the knee. It has been a while since I had been stung, first bee sting on the AT for me.

At lunch, I passed a road and there was a farm stand there. I had a burrito, a muffin, a soda and an ice cream.

Now add to the food, that I came across the biggest wild raspberry patch full of ripe fruit I have ever seen. It was indeed a good food day.

Hiked some more and came across some trail magic of cold sodas in the woods. Then just past that was a sign saying to go to the first house on the right…I did and had a homemade ice cream cookie.

Walking into town, there was a barn with the AT logo on it. A trail angels home. She let’s people camp out or stay in the barn for free. She also had free sodas, homemade cupcakes and other goodies. She even brought out hot sausages, onion and peppers to eat. She was so nice and all for free. I thanked her and gave her a few dollars. Another hiker flagged me down, had no plans to stay, but glad I did. I was spent today and the trail provided.

7 thoughts on “Day 131

  1. Hopefully all that trail food will perk you up so you have more energy tomorrow Jason! Stay safe.

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  2. Lots of trail treats! I can’t imagine how good a cold lemonade, let alone cold ice cream would taste along the trail on a hot day… well, yes I can imagine it… just have never experienced! Too often it’s just warm water, which is always better than no water! 😉

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    1. Well dang it! You might not be on the trail right now (you can pretend for now), but go get yourself a cold lemonade and ice cream. I am sure you deserve it and would still enjoy it.

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      1. You’re right! But it just wouldn’t be the same as having a few hours on the trail in high humidity and 90+ degrees, and then enjoying it! Or 3+ months on the trail… 😉


  3. Wow, someone’s looking out for you. Lots of magic when you really needed it. I will keep sending positive thoughts and energy. You are so amazing.

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    1. Thanks Ann. You are pretty cool yourself!


  4. That’s really neat how folks near the trail take care of the hikers. I am glad you got to rest. I don’t see all your photos, maybe something didn’t upload? Either way, I can imagine the barn and your snacks! Good luck with the endurance, you’ve gone so far! But, I have no doubt in your ability to finish 🙂

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