Day 132

Today was a short day of hiking. Hiked 10 miles or so into Hanover, New Hampshire.

The day started off with the trail angel where I stayed last night, providing breakfast. Crazy generous. It was pretty humid in the morning, but all is well. The chickens in her yard woke me up, about right on time.

The hike was over rolling hills, no monster mountain climbs or anything. No views or major wildlife sightings today.

There was a nearby area with cold cokes, another with bread and candy and a third of first aid supplies. All of this walking into town.

Crossed into New Hampshire this morning. 12 States I have hiked through and 2 States to go. The old homes in the area are very nice. This area I am in was established in the 1760s.

Got into town and ate a warm meal with two other hikers. The area has free public transportation, so I took that to the place I am staying at tonight. I ironed on some patches on my hiking shirt. It had a few small holes and was coming apart in other places. I think it might be fun to see if one shirt can survive this journey. Nobody will be giving me a best dressed award anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Day 132

  1. Glad you had some magic yesterday and an easier time today. Just remember that even 10 miles of hills is a big deal! Glad to hear you are listening to your body and taking care of yourself.

    Love the descriptions and the pictures every day. What a fascinating journey.

    Listen to that wise old RDS, and enjoy every day.


    1. Thanks. Your intelligent witt and humor would be enjoyed by many out here. What is keeping you busy these days?


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