Day 134

Woke up at 5:30 a.m. as normal and got my things ready for the trail. I did not sleep well last night. Sometimes I do and others not so much.

Today, I climbed up Smarts Mountain and Mt. Cube. Both climbs had some very steep and slippery bare rock sections. One area even had rebar put in the rock for footing. It was 90 degrees today and water sources were sparse, so it was a challenge to stay hydrated with the high heat and high exertion levels. The climbs provided great views. Again, I am pleased it did not rain, or the rock would be so slick I am not sure I could have made it up.

Set up camp, made a fire and dinner and called it a night next to a babbling brook. I think it was a 15 mile hike today. It is nice to relax at camp and reflect on the day. Hard days never seem so rough once you make it to camp…usually.

I found this song about the AT. I like it. I think it says something about a lot of hikers even if not directly on the same exact

4 thoughts on “Day 134

  1. Good photos, J… each and every one. I like the sloping rock surfaces, which were dry! I like the one of you atop a rock with the sunny day showing behind you… and the green mountains and valleys off into the distance as far as you can see… and lastly, the campfire.
    Wet rock is dangerous, no way around it… some more so than others. It makes me appreciate Vibram soles on my boots -for it’s grip! And there’s something about those views! And a campfire is always cool… watching those dancing flames, and the hot coals as the wind changes their color. The fire is a great place to chat with friends, and even a better place when alone in a campsite along the trail, at day’s end; it brings solace and helps the mind wonder -in the past and into the future, and it helps us focus on those things important to us… campfires are mystical! And I bet you had to move your foot away from the fire in the picture above, before it got burned. Sure felt good for awhile, though! 😉 Hope you got some good sleep!

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    1. I enjoy the relaxing and quiet thought time around the fire, without time pressures to reach decisions.

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  2. So sorry you had to have such high temperatures on the two big climbs today, but have to say the view from the top was wonderful. Are you laying in the rocks by the fire? Guess you have gotten just quite comfortable in the woods, if that’s how you relax, haha. Cooler temps are coming, just get though tomorrow.

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    1. I was laying on the rocks by the fire. I often just lay in the dirt and on rocks. It is more comfy for me.


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