Day 135

Today was a fairly easy 12 mile hike into Glencliff, NH.

The terrain was rolling and it was a pretty day with lots of birds singing all day.

Thought I was going to get an omelet from a trail angel known as the Omelet Man. He had built a little tent set up in the woods. Yesterday the US Forest Service told him he had to dismantle the shelter. So I and a few other hikers helped him tear down. No omelets, but he provided juice, fruit, coffee and doughnuts. He will make omelets on the road now.

Hiked to a hostel called Hiker Welcome Hostel. Got a bed, shower, laundry done and cooked food.

The next climb I go over is Mt. Moosilauke. This is a real mountain. Big storms are forecast for tomorrow all day and I need a zero, so I am taking tomorrow off for rest and for safety reasons.

10 thoughts on “Day 135

  1. Sounds like a perfect time and place for a zero. Enjoy the day and the chance to recharge. I’m always glad to read that you are prioritizing safety!

    To answer your last message, since the longest day I’ve ever done on hills is 13 miles, I think you would be getting a lot more whining than wit…

    And, I’m really enjoying the chance to choose what to do every day. Early on, I did a ton of birding during the spring migration. Otherwise, lots of yoga, golf, volunteer work, walking, travel, cooking, reading, gardening, and meeting people for lunch. That plus a lot of major work on the house. Not bored yet!

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    1. You will never be bored. I would place a bet on that! You know how to live.


  2. Good decision to avoid a storm on Mt. Moosilauke. Enjoy the zero! Chow down and sleep well!

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  3. So very happy to hear you are taking a zero tomorrow, was watching the weather, as I knew you would be also and prayed you would take a zero. The weather looks great after tomorrow, so much cooler, don’t know how you can backpack in that heat and humidity. Love the video of the birds singing, when you miss the forest you will be able to replay that. I see the hostel you are at has slackpacking over Moosilauke daily, is that something you might consider? Have a great relaxing day tomorrow.

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    1. I think I will slackpack and give that a try.

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  4. I was seriously waiting for you to jump out and scare everyone at the end of your video, I was ready, lol Have a good zero Hero!

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    1. I thought about it. haha..still may…be on guard.


  5. Nice video, isn’t being in the woods just lovely? Also, the song you posted yesterday was very nice. Thanks for sharing. Those big rock slides look like they could be fun going down, but maybe not so much on the up… Are you using only one trekking pole? How is that working for you? I found my shoulder got sore with only one… but one is better than none. Hope your gear is holding up too, I know you did a ton of research. Well, today is the big nuclear power plant drill, so folks are over at the EOC. I bet you’re glad you’re not here! haha

    Enjoy your zero day in town, or, hope you did if you’re already back on the way. Stay safe!

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    1. I use two trekking poles and it works out well. if it is dangerous or big boulders, I put the poles away so they do not get caught up and my hands are free to use. My gear is holding up, but showing wear and tear as one might expect.


  6. OOOH, also, you should check those alpine areas, there’s some fun edibles. Black birch (which looks nothing like a white birch) has wintergreen bark. A small twig makes a tasty toothpick if you’re ever in need. Ryan likes toothpicks… hahaha if you have time, look up a tree key for that on your phone, it’s really kind of fun.
    also, Teaberries (aka American Wintergreen) can be found at certain elevations. They’re tiny little bushes with berries and they taste soo good. Might be a little early for them to be ripe though. They’re also a lovely after dinner flavor… and have vitamins I think.
    I miss those two wild edibles.

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