Day 137

Today I got to sleep in. Got on a morning shuttle ride to the north end of Mt. Moosilauke to hike. It is easier to hike north to south, so I opted to slack pack (no backpack, just a day pack) for the first time. The north end up to the summit is very steep for a few miles. Without some steps and handholds, it would have been even tougher. The trail is next to a waterfall most of the way. There was even a rope I had to hang onto over a section of trail that was washed out (gone), with a long enough fall if ya slipped.

Got up to the peak. It was 50 mph winds at the top and the temperature was in the low 40s. It was sunny. The views were great. The hike was above treeline.

The hike down was less steep. It was way better than having to go down the north side.

I will start hiking tomorrow on the north side where I started today and going north.

12 thoughts on “Day 137

  1. The views – flowers, mountains, waterfalls, etc. are all so beautiful. Your strength and will power are awesome. What a story and picture book. Stay safe and enjoy all you can. Look forward to each post – just not as good with word as you are to leave many comments!

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  2. So surprised that your temps were that cool, did you expect that? Also high winds were a surprise to me, guess the elevation makes a huge difference. Looks like you had great views for your hard work. Did you enjoy your slack packing, any chance to do more of it in the Whites? Continue with care and of course enjoy your journey.

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    1. Winter conditions can happen any time of the year in the White Mountains. The slack pack was fun to try once. I need all my gear to hike here though.


  3. Looks like a nice slack pack day!
    I’m headed up to the Rainy River on the Canadian border in a few hours with a grandson to camp and fish the river -should be fun, but not much hiking. This grandson, Mikey -12yo, hiked w/ me for two weeks on Superior Hiking Trail last summer. Looking forward to a good time… and some good fish!

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    1. hope you catch some fish to eat and enjoy the time away.


  4. You’re close to the end of the hike? How many more weeks on AT? This is an incredible life journey. Awesome.

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    1. maybe a month left..hard to say for sure.


      1. Wow! Long endeavor!


  5. Well that’s kind of fun, going backwards on some of the trail. At least you didn’t have to hoof the back over. Did you get new shorts? Looks like a nice weather day despite the wind. It’s nice here for a few days, but rain is predicted. We don’t really need much more rain, at least not in some of the state. Nice to hear from you, and see the view now in photos! Summer is going by so fast… about a month from the state fair!! oh no!

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    1. no new shorts, same clothing I started with.


  6. Deepa de Alwis July 19, 2018 — 4:43 pm

    Hey Jason, we are so proud of you and miss seeing you around work. Keep up the good work, stay safe and healthy my friend!

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