Day 138

Today was a 14.5 mile hike, I mean climb in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Climbed up Kinsman Mountain and found a stealth camp site near Cascade Brook.

Yesterday it turns out, I passed the 1,800 mile mark.

Today was sunny, nice and cool and a slight gentle breeze. It was a perfect day to climb Kinsman. It may have been the hardest climb of the AT so far. It reminded me a lot of mountains in California. There was a lot of hard work put forth today, I enjoyed it. Much of the route was what seemed to be nearly vertical, factual it was not, but it felt like it. One had to go slow and get good foot and hand holds a lot of the way before moving. It was a climb, not a hike today. Had great views at the top.

On parts of the trail, trail crew hand cut small steps into rock or attached wooded steps to bare rock. Without these there would have been more sliding on my butt and there was some of that already to get down some areas. Thankful it was dry.

It is looking like the White Mountains are real mountains, not big hills. With real mountains comes real mountain weather. I think the nights in the Whites may be a little chilly, hopefully not below freezing, but it could happen.

3 thoughts on “Day 138

  1. Looks like a few pictures did not load? The good part about the mountains is we know you have experience.

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  2. Well that’s pretty cool, getting up into the high elevations. Sure looks like mountains to me! Nice. Krummholz are cool, I did a report on them in college. They are the trees that grow with the direction of the wind in those harsh environments, but you probably already knew that. Good luck on the smooth rocks. They can be slippery.

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    1. To use thru hikers, crumb holes are magical places to find good. haha

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