Day 141 and 142

These two days are zero days. Spent the time resting, sleeping and eating.

I had the hiking shirt I started out with and wanted to keep it until the end. That however is not going to happen as the shirt is literally rotting out on me and it has been rubbing under my armpits pretty bad. I think I lost weight and it does not fit right either anymore. So I picked up a new shirt in town and I hope it will work.

Also, I have been thinking a lot about the weather system in the mountains right now. Rain, wind and potential thunderstorms. I called the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Appalachian Mountain Club to get their opinions on if one should hike or not over the Presidential Range. They let me know what to expect if I go. If one is prepared it should be hikeable, but not pleasant was the consensus for experienced backpackers with the right gear. It of course would be slow going, but most of the trail is granite and provides ok traction in wet weather.

It is driving me nuts on deciding to hike or wait it out actually. I am in a moment of indecision right now. There are side trails in some areas that keep me off the peaks in a few areas. But in other areas there are very few options to exit the peaks and ridges in bad weather. I think come morning, I will be back on trail.

7 thoughts on “Day 141 and 142

  1. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan July 23, 2018 — 9:10 pm

    Stay safe big brother. How long will this stretch of the hike last?

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    1. I think 3 days…but will see.


  2. So sad about your shirt, oh well 10 pairs of trail runners and two shirts, not bad. Such a good idea to make some phone calls about trail conditions, it is for sure a difficult call, but know you will make the correct one and go as slow as conditions require. Enjoy the journey

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  3. We won’t recognize you without your old shirt!!! I was sorry to hear you had to let it go but I hoped you saved a piece of it as a souvenir :). Better send us a picture of the new one. Stay safe, those mountians are getting higher and tougher.

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  4. Reading about the old shirt got me laughing, J. Can’t wait to see the new shirt! 😉 Best as you head out again… all rested and fed! And that’s a good thing!

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  5. Hard to stop the momentum once you’re going… i see why you would have a hard time hanging out somewhere for a long time. I know you’re hardy enough and savvy enough outdoors to manage bad weather, could be very memorable or just less pretty view…

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    1. your faith in me I hope is well placed ha


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