Day 143

I hit the trail today since it looked like a decent weather window amid a week of storms and started the climb up Mt. Washington. It was about an 11 mile day today. Did not reach the summit yet, but did make it to Lake of the Clouds Hut.

The trail was wet and rocky and steep in places. In most places the granite rock gave decent footing.

I was up in the clouds all day long. It was raining on and off. Winds were around 60 mph all day. To follow the trail I looked for large rock cairns in the thick clouds. I was above treeline for the last half of the day.

At the Lake of the Clouds Hut, I stayed in a room called the Dungeon. It really is, but it was $10 versus $140 for a bunk and meals in the hut.

I got lucky today with the weather. Tomorrow if everything is willing, I will push over the Mt. Washington and maybe a few other peaks. I don’t think the weather will be as nice.

Ya like my new sexy shirt?

10 thoughts on “Day 143

  1. Wow thats quite the view. Stay safe and keep rocking that new shirt;)

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    1. Will rock it for you…if it lasts, I will wear it for ya.


  2. Heh… nice shirt, J. And nice weather… glad you’re in Lakes of the Clouds Hut for the night! The Presidential Range is GREAT… and will likely be a memorable section of the AT… maybe even The Most Memorable Section! Enjoy it, but be safe!

    The trail after Mt Washington for a couple miles is very nice smooth ridgeline… then it starts going up and down and gets tougher until Madison Spring Hut… I got off the trail at one point and had to double back to catch the AT again. Bad visibility doesn’t help… looks like you’ve already experienced poor visibility up there. High winds make it difficult hopping rock to rock up ahead too. Just take it easy, no need to rush.

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    1. Good Intel on the next day, thanks. I will be in clouds all day I think, but other hikers said it’s a safe hike, so that is good.

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  3. Was checking weather all day and wondering if hiking was a go, and thought you would head to Mt Washington. Glad you are at Lakes of the Cloud, so that Mt can be watched for weather. Take it slow and enjoy. Miss the old shirt we have looked at for months, almost didn’t recognize you, but then the beard jumped in the frame.

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  4. Hi sexy Jason with the nice chest hair!!!! I was wondering what you have attached to the top of your boots??? You truly are a true inspiration and we look forward to your blogs every day!! Very proud and envious of your journey thus far!

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    1. Hi Jeff. On my shoes I have some red lightweight gators. They help keep rocks, twigs and so on from getting in my shoes.


  5. The shirt is great! Suppose you don’t see enough people on the AT to compliment you. Too busy discussing strategy and past trails.


  6. whoa, that dungeon was creepy looking. At least you had company. Imagine being alone in there… with the critters and your thoughts and sore feet. I think outside on a rock would be nicer… Do you go outside your tent much at night and enjoy the stars and night views? I think that was one of my favorite things to do when I went to CA/Yosemite. The night sky was incredible with mountains and pines framing it.

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    1. The dungeon was pretty bad. It was dark, damp and smelly. But I vmxan say I did it. I get out of my tent often to look at the stars and sometimes I sleep outside my tent, just depends.

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