Day 144

Wow…Just wow. So the day started by leaving the Lakes of the Clouds hut. It was windy and the clouds covered us at this high elevation hut. It has been rainy/stormy for the last few days in the mountains and was forecast to continue.

Left the hut in the morning and started climbing on the way up Mt. Washington. In the past it has recorded winds exceeding 200 mph. I think over 150 people have died on the mountain over the years. Winds were 65 mph as I left. At times I was lucky to see 30 feet in front of me. It rained and sleeted. There were no views of course.

Passed by the cog train and followed the tradition of mooning it. Hiking up versus riding up. No cog train was there and in the rough weather was not going to wait.

Climbed Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Madison, the Carter Mountains, Mt. Moriah and others today.

As the day went, the weather looked like it might get better, but it got kind of worse. Towards the end of the day winds got up to 90 mph around Mt. Madison. I was well above treeline. I was getting whipped by wind rain and hail all while walking on boulders. The winds were almost blowing me over, blowing my legs around as I lifted them to walk, each step had to be braced. The hail stung as it hit. Other hikers were seeking protection behind rock piles. Falling or being blown down a mountain was not a pleasant thought.

Eventually, I made it back into the protection of tree cover, it was a relief. Most of the day I was fully exposed above treeline. Hiked on in the rain. Trails were flowing like creeks and muddy below treeline.

Hiked to a road and was able to get to The Barn hostel for the night to get dried out. Might zero tomorrow as it was a rough day.

8 thoughts on “Day 144

  1. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan July 26, 2018 — 6:06 pm

    So glad you were able to keep your footing and not get blown over. I bet at the end of the day it was a very rewarding hike. Enjoy your zero.

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  2. WOW is right, J. That’s what you call ‘really being out in the elements.’ Those winds are dangerous, as you know… easy for a gust to literally blow you off your feet… as your foot misses the boulder/rock you intended it to land on… same w/ hiking poles getting planted where you wanted it, which can knock you off balance. I saw a few bent poles, or poles with ends broken right off. Good to hear you found off-trail hostel up there -I was unaware of it. Stay safe my friend, and be careful! Rest and dry out. Zero/nero not a bad idea.

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    1. Thanks. I have been lucky so far and I hope it continues. I heard of a number of people falling and slipping.

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      1. Slow and steady is the mantra in bad weather… high winds and heavy rain… on rocks/boulders. Just finished some errands in the rain and enjoying a cold beer… thinking of you in the wet/windy Presidential Range… A toast to your dedication on the trail!!

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      2. Thanks. Enjoy the adult beverage.

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  3. Looks like the Presidential Range was your kind of day. Can’t fool me, know how you love bad weather. So glad to get your blog, Jessica called us to say you had posted. Wasn’t sure if you were going to go , or wait it out one more day, but figured you would be a go, since no great improvements in the elevations. How many miles did you do in that weather? I think I must be wrong in my figuring. Glad you have a zero, well deserved.

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    1. I think it was 14 or 15 miles…I do love bad weather, but if it got any worse it would be too bad to go on.

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