Day 146

Hiked about 13.5 miles today and set up camp at Imp Campsite.

There was a series of mountains that were climbed today known as The Wildcats. It was a steep and long climb to get the day started and then a series of steep up and downs.

As I would get near the top of a few of the mountains, lightening would crack, some of which was close, so I would stay lower and in the trees and wait for it to pass before going over the summits for safety. It rained a good part of the afternoon and it continued into the evening. I am very happy to be done with the Presidential Range. Storms there are just no good to hike in, in my opinion.

The trail today was so steep in a lot of places, I was literally sitting down to slide down on my rear to get down. Going down is my least favorite for a number of reasons.

I was able to get a few nice views today and meet a handful of southbound thru hikers which is cool.

Miss everyone. Good night!

6 thoughts on “Day 146

  1. So very difficult for you, but your reward is stunning, those pictures look like paradise. Glad you are being as safe as you can be, and taking a ride down when possible sounds like a great idea. Checking the guide it was a day wasn’t it, lots of high peaks. Hoping for a sunny level day for you tomorrow, miss and love you also.

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  2. Yes, beautiful pictures! It’s too bad you hit the bad weather as hard as you did, and I can understand how good it feels to have it behind you. Maybe you can get some good food and better weather ahead as go through Gorham… if you haven’t already been through there. Enjoy some sunshine and cool breezes!

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    1. In Gorham tonight. Weather was good day and looks good for the next few days.

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  3. awww, well we miss you too. Your chair has been collecting dust at work and I think even your free table finds on the shelf are looking for you. come back soon!


  4. Stunning scenery continues! Although it sounds like this section has been rough for many reasons. Glad you’re making it through safely. Keep it up, my man! We can’t wait for you to get home and share even more details!

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    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to great times with friends back home.


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