Day 147

In the middle of the night a black bear walked through camp. It just came through and left.

It was lightly raining this morning, but stopped by the time I got out of my tent. I noticed I had a few small rip holes in my backpack from all the butt sliding yesterday. I repaired them as best as I could. My equipment is showing the miles, but should make it all the way.

The first half of the day was mostly up hill and over a mountain. The peak was enjoyable.

Then the trail went down hill, some steep sections, but generally a nice slope. There was a lot of water on the trail, but not nearly as much as the other day. Still ended up with soaked, muddy shoes and feet, which is fine.

I hiked about 10 miles to Gorham, NH. Resupplied in town for the next leg of the trip, which will begin tomorrow.

The State of Maine is about 13 miles away. Maine…I thought a lot about it today. It is the 14th and final State on the trail. Maine means a lot of things and has such a special meaning and lots of opportunities for a great adventure and memories. It is a mystical place on the AT. I might do something special when I get there, but will see when I get there. There are a lot of miles left in Maine and a lot of mental and physical effort that is still to be happily expended. Glorious struggle!!!

8 thoughts on “Day 147

  1. Congrats again, J. Maine is just around the corner. 14th out of 14… Wow!

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  2. You have to feel great heading into the last state, Soon you will have to figure out what trail you plan to hike next year. I’m only saying this because I have gotten kind of spoiled keeping up to date with you on your blog. and I’m hoping next year I get to sit back in my climate controlled house and enjoy season two of the next adventure.

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    1. Hi Jim! I feel such a sense of accomplishment for sure and amazement I made it this far. My next hike will be to a grocery store, you will love my posts on that…ha


  3. Mary Lou Iverson July 29, 2018 — 8:00 pm

    Yes, I agree…..a Glorious Struggle! One you are winning. That must feel so great. Your pictures never cease to amaze me. I do hope you get them put in a book when you get back. It would most likely take several since you have so many. Or have a book printed up by ShutterFly or something similar. Kids had a couple books made for us. We treasure them. Turned out so great. Enjoy Maine…..what’s this mystical place all about anyway? Interesting.

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    1. It does feel great. I hear Maine is so beautiful.


  4. Did you see the bear, what were you doing up in the middle of the night, would think you would be so tired you would not hear anything. Once again your pictures are beautiful, enjoy the nice weather coming up.

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    1. I saw it. I hear foot steps and noises at night even when I sleep.

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  5. Gorgeous! Super cool about the bear! And OMG! MAINE!?! (sorry for all the exclamation points, LOL)

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