Day 148

I hiked a nice 13.2 miles to a stealth site by a brook in the woods. I was hiking with two others today, but just decided I could use some alone time to think. I will likely stay at a shelter area tomorrow and be around a few people.

Had lunch by a nice pond full of flowering lily pads. Looked like great moose habitat. Only found moose droppings and fresh footprints in the mud. Saw fresh black bear footprints also in the area.

One short downhill section was wet still from past rains and it was a short section of red clay. I lost footing and had a gentle fall into the mud.

The worst thing about today is that I either forgot to pack my toilet paper or I lost it. That means 4 days or so until the next town to get some. Ya, I found this out as I was in the woods needing some. Good thing some soft plants are around. Hope I did not grab anything poisonous…last thing I need is to explain to a doctor about that burn on my rear…haha.

Oh…I also passed the 1,900 mile mark today (285 miles to go).

The toilet paper matter and falling in mud, was a reminder that I am not a big shot and to stay humble. The trail is good at letting you know your place in the scheme of things. Haha. It reminds me of a plaque I saw in Rocky Mountain National Park on a trail leading up high a number of years sgo…it was there to warn visitors that “The Mountains Don’t Care.” I love it, wish I had the picture of it available to share.

I did not make it to Maine today, that will come tomorrow in about 3.3 more miles, my math was off last night. I thought about pushing on tonight, but did not. I am trying to get in the best position on the trail for Mahoosuc Notch, which is the toughest mile on the trail or most fun as they say. Basically, it takes 4 hours maybe (so I heard) to go a mile through, around, under and over a massive boulder pit left from the last ice age I believe.

My beard and sexy shirt wish you a great conclusion to your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Day 148

  1. Congrats on reaching the last state! The end is in sight and the final push. Good luck on the hard mile and enjoy the views. Looks like the weather got a little nicer. That’s funny about the TP… but not… you can deal 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I hope you have all the TP of the highest quality you ever imagined!


  2. Lily pads, moose droppings, and bear tracks oh my!
    1900 miles been logged by this guy!
    Pace Car’s his name,
    and hiking’s his game,
    285 to claim the fame!

    Keep up the good work brother and hopefully you were in your solo trek when this happened with the toilet paper or they may rename Soggy Leaf TP! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There was a bluegrass band called the Soggy Bottom Boys. Just saying, but I do not know the story behind it.

      RDS is the man in demand,
      No other fellas can compete,
      All the pens fight for his attention,
      He giggles and wiggles awaiting the winner.


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