Day 149

Full Goose Shelter is where I set up camp tonight. It was an 8.2 mile hike. It was a short day to be sure. Just felt right and with the trail tomorrow, I will need to be more rested I think.

It was a great hiking day today. There was a lot of steep up and downs today over a number of summits as usual. I had lunch on top of one and took a nap in the sun with 360 degree views of mountains. I also crossed into Maine this morning. Amazing journey to get this far.

A fair amount of the trail traversed alpine bog. Sure there were boards to walk on, but most were rotted and would sink deeply into the deep mud. In some places I pushed my trekking poles into the mud and they never reached anything solid.

I ate a decent amount of wild blueberries today. They were the best I have ever had.

At camp there was a church group of teenagers out for a six day hike. They had lots of questions about thru hiking. They gave me candy and gold fish crackers, so all is good.

Also ran into and chatted with southbound thru hikers. Wished them the best and safe hiking.

7 thoughts on “Day 149

  1. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan July 31, 2018 — 1:48 pm

    Wow! You are really on the last leg of your magnificent hike. Be safe and enjoy the beautiful views.

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  2. PartAnimal PartMachine August 1, 2018 — 11:37 am

    It appears that Gollum has shape shifted into a squirrel from the look in the image above.

    You will soon be provided with the decision of throwing the ring into the fires of Mordor or….

    Journey well!!!

    For the wild – PAPM

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  3. The last state. What an experience! My question is, what do you do when that bear decides to visit you in your tent??? Your endurance is amazing to me! I would probably (if lucky) still be back in State 5!!!!! Take care. Love the pictures. Looks like you left a lot of weight behind you!!! Enjoy the final leg of your journey. Always look forward to the updates.

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    1. If a bear just is walking by, I just let it go. If it gets too close, I yell at it to hopefully drive it away.


  4. Your strategy for bears is one I’ve seen used a bunch on bosses!
    As always, amazing pictures and stories. So look forward to looking at your post every day. Some of my replies seem to not make it out of review for some reason, but know that I think of you often and so admire what you’re doing. Way to follow your dream!
    I’m on my way back from a trip to Chicago and then Cape Cod. Both way cool, and very different. Had a great time doing tons of interesting things. Was in Chicago for a trade show and a few touristy things, and on the Cape to hike, bird, shop, go to baseball games, eat, tour a grist mill, walk along the shore, look for sharks (we were right where the great whites spend the summer), and listen to music. Beats working!
    I think your sexy shirt would make an excellent item for the Combined Charities auction…..

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    1. Haha..some bosses, I mean bears, you just let have your food. You know one is around when the chipmunks start making noise.

      I think of you too. So grateful for the opportunity to get to know you and for all you have done.

      Your trips some great too, especially Cape Cod. You were looking for sharks…just maybe they were looking for you as well. LOL

      Do I have to wash my shirt before offering it and its special powers up for auction?


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