Day 153

Hit the trail this morning after a pancake breakfast. It was hard to leave a comfortable hostel. I thought hard about staying one more day and just sleeping. I did not stay however. In hindsight I think I should have stayed.

Had a steep climb up Old Blue Mountain. Lots of ripe blueberries were near the top. Once up there the trail generally stayed above 3000 feet until the end of the day, when it dropped steeply. I should have enjoyed the hike today, especially the sections on granite slabs with the great views. The small rock and exposed tree root sections are always rough. Today I was just tired and out of it. I tried making a phone call to the girlfriend for some mental support, but cell reception is very poor like you would expect. So I just toughed the day out.

Just before camp, there was trail magic of Ginger Ale, beer and candy. Wow what perfect timing for me. Thank you Trail Angel.

Hiked about 12.5 miles and set up camp along Bemis Stream. Made up dinner and then it started raining. Maine is a challenging State so far.

5 thoughts on “Day 153

  1. Well, exactly 5 months on the trail, that is quite impressive in its self. Thought you were having a lot of rain, trail didn’t look too bad, as far as water. Glad you had trail magic, seems like it does happen at the most needed times. Hope you feel a little better tomorrow, maybe some sunshine would help.

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  2. PartAnimal PartMachine August 4, 2018 — 11:40 pm

    Dear Trail Angels: Thank you for taking care of PC and answering his call using the language older than words. Perhaps we could all use a reminder of the importance of such language. Trail magic may just start arriving in unique places in honor of such language.
    Hmmm… work place trail magic, neighborhood trail magic, ….
    Thank you Angels!! For the wild – PAPM

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    1. good hearted people making the world better.


  3. Mary Lou Iverson August 5, 2018 — 8:11 pm

    Hang in there, Jason. Some days are just tough, but take solace in the fact that you’re almost to the end. Can’t give up now. I so admire your grit and courage.

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    1. I love the tough days and having/getting to dig deep. Thanks for your support Mary!


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