Day 154

Today I woke up at my Bemis River camp site. It rained all night and most of the day. It rained almost 4 inches based on weather reports.

I stayed dry and comfortable in my tent and got packed up dry (tent not dry).

Hit the trail and was pretty much instantly wet, I wore my rain coat and pants for warmth as it was a cold rain.

I hiked about 14 miles. The trail for most of the day was a fast flowing river with waterfalls. I gave up on dry feet the first minute of hiking. Below is a short video, much of the trail was much deeper and faster flowing. I was stepping in ankle deep and knee deep water for hours on end, sometimes knee deep mud. One time I fell pretty hard on slick rock, I bent a trekking pole, my wrist and rear, the right rear specifically took the brunt. I sat there for a few minutes to regain composure and got back to hiking. I am ok.

If the trail was dry, it would have a fast and easy stretch for a change. Won’t see a stretch this kind for at least 100 more miles.

I kept the camera away most of the day. Wet camera and wet fingers do not work well. Many board walks, ok, most board walks were rotted, floated away or were cracked in half and submerged in deep mud were pare for the course. I just chose to walk through deep water, mud, swamp and anything else, instead of adding risk by walking on floating wood and such.

Made it into Rangley, Maine tonight. Letting the feet dry out. Stopped by a local place for a lobster role. Fresh Maine lobster…mmmmmmm

Met a few other hikers today who took some serious falls. They have the head, facial, arm and leg wounds to show off. I do not like people getting hurt. I really hate head wounds. This is not Disney Land. Still living it but thinking of getting home when I complete this journey.

Will do a food resupply and hit the trail again in the morning. I hear its another hard mountain.

15 thoughts on “Day 154

  1. Darn, this is the rain I thought you were getting, hope your wrist and other body parts are OK, don’t know how you did it. Hope everyone else is OK too, hate to hear of injuries, getting close, but the trail won’t let you slack off. So glad you were able to have a lobster roll right in Maine, can’t get any fresher than that. See you have another 4,000 footer tomorrow, they always have the camera, showing a good view, enjoy after the climb, hoping for no rain for you.

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  2. Definitely not a good day on the trail! That river on the rocky trail was bad, bad, bad. The lobster sandwich looked pretty good, however. And that picture of you in your rain gear soaking wet was great -priceless, get it framed! One good thing to be said for rain gear is it will keep you warm… but if it’s a hot day, might as well not be wearing it… and you’ll likely shed it anyway and just get soaked -you’ll be wet anyway! Hope the weather gets better, J.

    Just take it slow and easy, stay safe… you’re getting closer to Katahdin every day!

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    1. thanks for all the support along the way!

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  3. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan August 5, 2018 — 1:43 am

    Praying for dry feet and better conditions for you. I feel bad you fell and got hurt. I hope you are okay. Take care and take days off when you need it.

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  4. PartAnimal PartMachine August 5, 2018 — 9:08 am

    Mmmm…. Maine Lobster roll….
    Huh, I bet you have had some great food truck ideas while skipping along the trail, clapping together your coconut shells, as you gallop your way into the next town for a “civilized” meal.
    The Holy Grail is near. A knifes edge path is one way. You are wise to take it slow and rest on your bum to avoid another trail spanking. There are no second chances. Journey well on this remaining leg and keep that trail spanking on your right bum from mum as a reminder of…
    Mom’s gonna fix it all soon… Mom’s gonna put it back to the way it ought to be…
    For the wild – PAPM

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  5. Nothing like a lobster roll in Maine, it’s whats on the menu. 😋

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  6. Jessica, Chad, Dean and Ryan August 5, 2018 — 10:16 am

    You can do it Big Brother!!!

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  7. Mary Lou Iverson August 5, 2018 — 4:23 pm

    The lobster fest is the best thing going in Maine. Aside from survivor scars and survivor stories, lobster is at its best there. I can only imagine how great it was. Rain, rain go away!!!!

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  8. Watching your journey. Sure hope you savored that lobster roll as we’re sure it’ll be a while until the next one. Have a safe walk and we hope it’s a dry one for your next adventure out. SGP/MLB

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  9. Wow, love that you got to see a Moose and the views have just really become quite stunning, not that they were boring before but of course living in the midwest and the flatlands makes you appreciate high peaks even more. Those rock falls and boulder piles you were climbing looked pretty crazy. Good think you have a lot of experience to get you to this point in life. as you know, sometimes the mind is your biggest enemy and sometimes it’s just the darn weather. there’s no stopping you now, just be careful as it seems you are and the final prize shall be yours. Sounds to me though that you have already won, no matter the final mile count. I know you want to finish though, I wish you all the good steps and safe travels today as of course in the beginning.
    keep your feet as dry as you can and keep on keepin’ on…

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    1. This is the best experience of my life. I am soooooo grateful. Thank you and thanks to the rest of the team for making this possible.

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      1. well, you owe us so get done and come back. 🙂 besides, I want to get back to the bulldog and have a mule and talk life and solve other people’s problems for them.

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