Day 155

I woke up and walked to the grocery store in Rangley, Maine this morning as soon as it opened to resupply Then the place I spent the night brought me back to the trailhead around 10 a.m. It was kind of nice to have a late start today. Fog filled the sky and hide the mountains in the morning, but it burned off quickly and it was a nice day.

Today I climbed Saddleback Mountain, The Horn and Saddleback Junior. Most of the water from the heavy rain the other day ran off and soaked in, so the trail was in pretty good shape considering. There were still a few wet sections on the north side of The Horn that required a little more care. One section had a weird metal ladder to get up over a section, at the top was a small pool of human blood, not sure what happened. I said small.

The hike along the mountains was mostly above treeline and the views were impressive. The sun felt good and the gentle cool mountain breeze was welcome. Eating lunch on a peak with 360 degree views of endless mountains is stunning.

I hiked 10.7 miles to Poplar Ridge Lean To. Not bad miles considering a late start and mountain terrain. I set up my tent. This Lean To I believe is the last know location of a lady who died on the AT a few years ago. It was in the news and she kept a journal while she was lost. There is a memorial to her here. Cooked up dinner and chatted with 4 other hikers here before going to bed.

4 thoughts on “Day 155

  1. Was that the woman who stepped off the trail to go to the bathroom, and then got lost and wondered for a month or more? Strange story… and a sad story! A reminder to always be aware of your surroundings!

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    1. Ya, it was sad to be there and thinking about her and what happened.

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  2. I may be hiking alone as you seem to be. The end is near. Keep up the good work. I Enjoy the blog. Thanks

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    1. Thanks. I mostly do hike alone. But there are people I talk with on trail and at camp. Sometimes hike with others when the mood hits me. For me, it is nicer hiking alone usually as I can do my own thing. You will be able to determine what works best for you and that changes from time to time on the trail.


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