Day 158

Today is a rest day in Stratton, Maine.

On October 19, 1775 American Troops marched through here under command of Benedict Arnold. One of my relatives (Aaron Burr) was in this group. They were on the way to invade Quebec, Canada.

Did my laundry this morning and had some breakfast. Chatted with a local guy about the town.

I got stocked up on food for the next leg. I am really looking forward to eating non processed food at home and focusing on healthy eating. It is important to me.

I have The Bigelow mountains ahead of me tomorrow. Watching the weather, which is fluctuating a little. I just want to keep moving.

This afternoon, the trail angel I met yesterday was here dropping off hikers. He asked if I had time. I said yes and we drove out to the Bigelow Preserve. He had two kayaks out in a lake and we went kayaking. It was beautiful. The trail angel was an operator in Delta Force. I got to know him better. He will be doing more trail magic up the trail so I may see him again.

I have a ride set up for 7 a.m. back to the trail with a guy who thru hiked last year.

Here is a bluegrass song about the North Pond Hermit. A real person who lived in Maine.

5 thoughts on “Day 158

  1. What a truly stunning place to kayak, what wonderful people you have come across. Looks like the weather is looking better for the Bigelows, hoping for cool sunshine and wonderful views.

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  2. True trail magic right there! What a fun distraction from hiking to be out on the water paddling.

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    1. I know..the trail gives me what I need, just when I need it.


  3. Wow, must have been nice to use the arms more than the legs! It’s so cool how you’re finding these little gems along the way. I know my dad found many, more so on his kayak trip than hiking, but maybe it was timing or maybe it was that he just didn’t mention it. I wish I could ask him. Enjoy your short time on the trail, and thanks for keeping up with the blog.

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  4. I heard about that hermit guy. What a fascinating story and the song was nice too.

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