Day 159

I got a very early start while it was dark and I crossed the Bigelow Mountains in clouds and rain. A few thunderstorms popped up later in the day, which was my reason for doing what I could to avoid lightening since a fair amount of the trail is fully exposed up there. My phone and hands were pretty wet, so not a lot of pictures today. Safe but no views. The skies cleared up later in the late afternoon/early evening.

I hiked on more as I had plenty of day light. I camped at a stealth site past West Carry Pond. It was a long day. The feet were sore. I went for a late night swim in a lake to cool off and play. It was great. Then right in the tent.

It felt like a great day for moose sightings. Saw fresh evidence, but no live specimans. There were loons out during the evening.

I am finding cell phone reception to be almost zero on the trail in Maine, except sometimes there is some on a peak.

4 thoughts on “Day 159

  1. Looks like moose country… they must have been taking a zero and slept in! 😉

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    1. I think so. They likely smelled me from a mile away too…haha

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  2. It is my understanding that there are multiple trails in Baxter State Park and at Mt. Katahdin. Is there a particular one on which you will finish? (I have a friend hiking in the area right now and she wanted to know.)

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