Day 160

Woke up a little early today and hiked to the Kennebec River. I felt ok this morning, so I guess I slept well. Was too tired to blog yesterday. This river is larger and has a strong undercurrent making it generally unsafe to cross. There is a person hired to canoe or ferry hikers across the river, it’s the official way to cross. I tipped the guy $2. After that he insisted and gave me the ferryman’s blessing.

A short walk from the ferry, is Caratunk House, which is a hostel and B&B. I stopped in to resupply on food, they have a great resupply. Also got a strawberry milkshake and pulled pork sandwich, all was awesome. The owner who has thru hiked, gave me advice for after the hike (we had a good talk).

Got back hiking after the break. Climbed Pleasant Pond Mountain. I met some southbounders who said it was a rough mountain. I got to the top easy enough. Just different perspectives I guess.

I was going to camp by a lake, but could not find any good areas, so I went further than I wanted. But I found a creek with a mediocre spot to camp. I am near mile 2053. I have 138 miles to go.

After yesterday and everything else, I picked up a small party cake at the hostel and had it after dinner. I ate the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Day 160

  1. Glad you had a talk with a previous thru hiker about what to expect after completion, Probly a mirad of different thoughts,feelings etc..Drive On!

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    1. they all say it’s a very hard time after…but life is about change and transition. Drive On!


  2. Looked like a nice day yesterday… sunny skies, a nice waterfall, another milestone -the Kennebec River, and a piece of cake! And you’re probably down to under 130 miles by the time you read this. In the military, they’d call you a short-timer -the time remaining on your current deployment… a couple of weeks and a wake-up… probably less.
    Take your time and enjoy the remainder of the trip. You’ll be at Katahdin Springs Camground before you know it.

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    1. It was just a great day. Being a short timer is a weird place to be. In any case the leg from here to the final mountain will be memorable and enjoyable for sure. I will make sure of that.

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  3. Just figuring you would be crossing the river, just love the AWOL guide, as promised it is still in perfect condition for you, no rain, sleet or snow damage. As far as that cake, looked a little small for a thru hiker, but bet it was perfect. Just curious, not much mention of bugs, how would you say they have been? So look forward to seeing you and hearing some stories. Couple days and it will be the 100 mile wilderness, take good care, and enjoy.

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    1. the bugs have not been bad. a few ticks, a few biting flies…some areas had lots of skeeters but most areas not bad…the gnats that fly into my eyes are the worst and they are only bad in a few minor areas. Based on where I have been. See what lies ahead.


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