Day 161

I hiked about 19.3 miles today. The weather was pretty good.

The big climb of the day was up Moxie Bald Mountain. It had a few steep sections, but it was not too bad. There were nice views up there and I lingered looking and eating blueberries.

At the top, there was a sketchy boardwalk. I slipped and fell into mud that was knee deep. spots it was waist deep. Crazy.

Later in the day, I passed a whitewater river and went swimming. Granted I had to pay attention to where the water was flowing so I did not wash away, I stayed in an eddy. It was glorious and amazing.

The trail had several river crossings today. I walked through the water as there were no bridges over them. After I fell into the mud earlier, my shoes were soaked anyway, this way they got cleaned up some.

I camped along Lake Hebron at a stealth spot at the end of the say. I was in thick vegetation. 2072 miles hiked in total so far.

4 thoughts on “Day 161

  1. Dang, just all that mud on your shoes is a lot of extra weight, also the stuff on your face, looks to me that you could lighten the load a bit.

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  2. Mary Lou Iverson August 13, 2018 — 12:10 pm

    All boys fall in the mud once in a while! 🙂

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  3. Wow, what a day! One you won’t soon forget I’m sure. The fungus photos are really cool too. Nothing like an icy mountain stream to heal the body and soul!

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